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Fishing Flood Water

When fishing flood water it's imperative to know if the water is rising or falling. As long as it's coming up fish will spread out and look for food where they can find it. Flooded road beds with deeper water around them can be hot. When the water starts to fall concentrate your efforts where ditches and creeks dump into bigger of the same.

Homemade Blood Bait

Catfishermen can make their own blood bait. Here's how. Find a farmer or small slaughterhouse that will gather beef blood for you. When you get a bucket or two pour it into shallow cake pans and refrigerate (you might want to consider something away from the kitchen). Then every few days pour the clear liquid off the top. What's eventually left will form a gel that can be cubed into bait-sized pieces and frozen for later use. And channel catfish love it.

Catfish Targeting

Here's a general way to target different species of catfish. Channels will eat almost anything from prepared commercial baits to live or rotten natural ones. Blues will take a live bait, but are more likely to be caught on fresh pieces of cut bait. Flatheads like fish and prefer them alive. Is it any wonder most think they taste the best?

Catching Bluegill from the Bottom

Bluegill are bottom feeders, most of the time anyway. Sure, there are times in the warm-weather months that bluegill will rise to smack hapless flying insects on the surface, but they spend far more time near the bottom. If you want your kids to catch more of them teach them to fish with slip corks that will keep their baits near the bottom.

Tip your Jigs

Some crappie fishermen like minnows, others jigs. But there are times when neither works particularly well. What to do? Try tipping your jigs with minnows and fishing the jig like normal. It's an idea that works well for walleye and sauger, too.

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