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Firearms Transfer Procedure

Firearms Transfers

Find that perfect firearm online? Want to buy a gun from your next door neighbor? Protect yourself and legally have that firearm transferred at Loudoun Guns.


We handle several types of firearm transfers:

  1. You purchased a gun from an out-of state FFL dealer and want it shipped to us for final transfer to you.

  2. You want to purchase a firearm from another private party. In order to do this legally, your best bet is to come into the store with the seller. The gun is transferred into our inventory, and out of the seller’s name. You will then present your identifications and complete the paperwork for the background check to transfer the firearm to you.

  3. You want to ship a firearm that you sold to an out-of state FFL dealer.

Our fee for incoming firearm transfers is $52.00 per gun, which consists of a
$50 transfer fee and $2.00 background check fee.

Our fee for outgoing firearm transfers varies depending upon type of firearm, shipping destination and insurance value.

Please call us at 703-771-7479 so we can get the process started for you.

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